Products for Sale

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Trees & Shrubs

Potted Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

Order from January - March for our yearly "Tree Day" held the first of April

- A full product and price list can be obtained at the Lane County Conservation District office

Root-ball Red Cedar Trees

Dug from eastern Kansas and delivered to our service center on Tree Day

- Order from January -March

Kansas Forest Service Conservation Seedlings

Select deciduous, evergreen and shrub seedlings are available to order through the Conservation District 

- Fall ordering: The 1st Tuesday of September through the 2nd Friday of October

- Spring ordering:  The 1st Monday of December through the 1st Monday of May

A complete species and price list can be obtained at our office

Sharp Brothers Seed Dealer

The Conservation District is a Sharp Brothers Seed Dealer.

A large variety of Grass, Wildflower, Cover Crop, Turf Seed, Triticale, Sorgum,  Corn, Alfalfa, and Animal Forage seed is available

Visit for more product informatoin

Marking Flags

Pink Marking Flags:  $.12 / each or $11.12 / 100

Marking Tape

Red, Blue, White, Green & Pink

$2.07 / roll

Recycle Bins

Rectangle or Stand Up Bins - $4.96/ea

Plantskydd Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Repellent made from dried blood, vegetable oil and water.   Plantskydd repels by emitting an odor animals associate with predator activity.  One application lasts 3-4 months during the growing season, 6 months over winter

1 lb Soluble Powder:  $20.20

1 qt Ready to Use Spray: $18.44

Granules: $9.32

Equipment for Rent

Tree Planting / Weed Barrier Machine

Roto Tiller

(Tree Planter and Roto Tiller require a 40 or 50 hp tractor, Category 2 PTO)

Labor not Included